The importance of scrap metal recycling
Scrap metal recycling is hugely important in the modern world given its ability to support a large global workforce, protect the environment and save energy. It also offers huge benefits for businesses and individuals who need a convenient and cost-effective way of getting rid of scrap metal.
Reuse and recycle
Reusing scrap metals, which are often called secondary raw materials, ensures that precious natural resources are not used unnecessarily to create new metal compounds. These valuable resources include nickel for stainless steel, iron ore for steelmaking and bauxite and alumina in aluminium smelting.
Almost all metals have the capacity to be recycled and new, quality metals can be created without having an undue effect on the planet. EU data suggests that reusing recycled materials such as metals reduces CO2 emissions by around 200 million tonnes a year.
The recycling of metals also supports a huge worldwide industry and global workforce. The UK scrap metal industry currently employs around 10,000 people and about 10 million tonnes of scrap metal is recycled in Britain each year.
Best for businesses
Recycling scrap metal can also be extremely beneficial for individual businesses and people, offering the best way of disposing of unwanted materials.
This minimises the risk of unsightly collections of scrap metal building up outside homes and business premises and can lower the risk of accidents or complaints from neighbours.
The fact that scrap metal can also be sold for recycling also adds to its appeal. This is in contrast to simply taking it to landfill, where it will prove to be no use to anyone.
The UK produces more scrap than it requires for domestic markets, meaning that 90 per cent is exported. This has led to Britain becoming one of the top five biggest exporting countries for scrap metal in the world.
Devon scrap metal recycling
EMS offers a recycling service for scrap metals through our Paignton-based sister company Bay Skips. We buy and sell all sorts of scrap metal, including steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc and lead, and can help with the disposal of large amounts of scrap metal for businesses and smaller quantities for private customers.
For more information on scrap metal, and how our scrap metal recycling service could benefit you, contact us on 01803 526777 today.